St. Vincent OrthoSports Center and Medical Tower

805 St. Vincent’s Drive, Suite #420, Birmingham, AL 35205

  • Access University Boulevard and drive east toward St. Vincent’s Hospital.
  • Turn onto St. Vincent’s D1ive, follow St. Vincent’s Drive around to parking for Building 3 and the OrthoSports Center. Both will be on the left-hand side.
  • The assigned parking deck will say “Parking For Building 3 and the OrthoSports Center”
  • Park in the first available spot. Access the elevator on the right hand side of the parking deck that says OrthoSports Center. Please go to the yellow level which is Level K-L (4th Floor) of the parking deck. Follow the crosswalk that is clearly marked to the OrthoSports Center. You will enter the building through the crosswalk and Birmingham Podiatry is the second office on the left, Suite 420.

Birmingham Podiatry Address-St. Vincents Downtown Ortho Sports Center

805 St. Vincent’s Drive, Suite #420, Birmingham, AL 35205

  • Turn on 28th Street beside McDonalds on the corner
  • Turn right into the parking lot behind McDonalds
  • Park
  • Go to the elevators to the far right in the parking deck
  • Go to level Kl.
  • Once you get off the Elevator on level KL, turn left and go to the Ortho Sports Center. Our office is the – 3rd door on the left Suite #420

Birmingham Podiatry – Clanton Location – Dr. Jamie Cleckler – Wednesday Only;

102 Baker Avenue Clanton, AL 35045

Birmingham Podiatry – Greystone Location

2807 Greystone Commercial Blvd Suite 42, Hoover, AL 35242